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Registration Now Closed for The Haunted Acres
Realms of Darkness

  • Information for 2023 season:     

    • We are once again doing online ticket sales only.  This has worked out really well for everyone the last few years.  We are a walk through event, but we schedule by vehicle to try and keep the traffic limited.  It's not a drive through event.  You get to plan your night, arrive on time and get right into the trail without long wait times.  Once again, rain or shine we will have a show.  The under roof portion of the trail is re-configured in the event of rain and we keep you dry and pack more into a smaller area!   The normal time to complete the event once it is your turn is around 25 to 30 min.    

    • NEW ADDITION - Snack and Scares Pack!  We have teamed up with some local businesses to offer a really great deal for you.  Since you're scheduling your time-slot for scares, schedule some time for some grub while supporting local eateries!  When selecting your ticket, pick the "Realms of Darkness" + Snacks and Scares option.  For only 5 bucks added to the initial reservation (not every other ticket in your group) your group receives the following discounts:

      • All Discounts included and valid from time of ticket purchase up until the end of November, so don't wait just for your scare night!  Make plans to visit all of these great places and take advantage of this great value while supporting our local venues.  

    • Please be on time for your appointments.  We will have a very time sensitive procedure going that requires everyone to be lined up and ready to go at your scheduled time.  Please show up at our facility on time, or up to 15 minutes early.  You have a parking spot associated with your time and we will guide you to it upon arrival and then when it's your turn we will release you up to our event entrance (upper parking lot).  The parking staff will fully take care of you and guide you.  Please listen to their instructions.  

    • If you have any questions or concerns about these rules please contact us BEFORE your ​​scheduled appointment so we can work it out early.  You can email us at and leave a call back number and we will give you a call if you would like.  

    • We have t-shirts for sale at the trail with the Realms of Darkness logo (and some from past years too) for $15 each.  The purchase of these helps cover the cost of t-shirts provided to our dedicated crew for free.  Please consider grabbing one as a thank you to our staff.  

    • We do have cameras in use and attempt to provide you your own "Scare cam" pictures for purchase at the end of the trail!  

Since the beginning of time there have been things that have frightened us.  With all of the scary stuff that’s out there… did you ever wonder where it all came from or why it even existed in the first place?  Perhaps it’s all connected in some way?  There are so many things that go bump in the night but seem to vanish into thin air once you flip the light on.  What if those things never really disappear at all?  What if the things that you think you are safe from because you can’t see them…are constantly watching you.  Studying your every move and patiently waiting for an opportunity to enter into YOUR space.  If you are brave…come to The Haunted Acres and we will let you take a peek into the...

Realms of Darkness

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