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Under lockdown

  • Covid Information for 2020 season:  We all know the regulations and inconvenience that Covid has introduced to everyone and how it has put a damper on many things.  We are sensitive to it all and are doing our very best to follow best practices, re-design our trail, and still provide our customers safe entertainment.  There are however some rules you will have to follow to keep everyone safe and changes to our normal flow so please read below.  We need your help in this.  We respectfully ask that you follow these rules while at our event and if they do not seem fair or are something you are not able or willing to follow, this year may not be a good fit.  Here are the details of our requirements.  

    • If you have a temp of 100.00 or above you will not be allowed to enter the trail.  If you are feeling sick and running a fever please stay home.  Everyone must be checked upon entering.  ​

    • You MUST wear a mask properly covering your mouth and nose or a full covering face shield.  Children 5 and under are encouraged to wear one, but we understand that it may go effort there is fine.  We will enforce that the mask stays on the entire way through the trail.  We all will have ours on as well. 

    • We will be providing nitrile gloves that MUST be worn.  If you have an allergy we encourage you to wear a thin pair of your own gloves so we can layer ours over those ones.  

    • To space everyone out, we are doing online sales per vehicle at different time slots. We are not accepting walk ins.  You will stay in your vehicle until it's your turn to enter the trail so wait times will be extremely short and you will stay with your group the entire way through the trail.  We are going to utilize our Lurid labyrinth (under roof portion of the trail) for 2020 season so we can get you directly back to your vehicle and provide you a show rain or shine.  

    • Please be on time for your appointments.  We will have a very time sensitive procedure going that requires everyone to be lined up and ready to go at your scheduled time.  Please show up at our facility on time, or up to 15 minutes early.  You have a parking spot associated with your time and we will guide you to it upon arrival.  

    • If you have any questions or concerns about these rules please contact us BEFORE your ​​scheduled appointment so we can work it out early.  You can email us at and leave a call back number and we will give you a call if you would like.  

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The Haunted Acres - Sidman, PA

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