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The Haunted Acres Premise

You want to know the history, and legend of the haunting of Mindish hill? Are you able to handle a chill running up the back of your neck and an uneasy feeling when you walk out into an unlit yard?


It was the 1920’s and Mr. Mindish set off on a cool fall night with his single horse and carriage to find a place to build a house for his wife and future family. Legend has it that he was riding up the road that is now called Humbert road and he noticed a small path heading straight up over the hill. He coaxed his horse Ruby, named for having a hint of red in her eyes, to pull his carriage up over the hill. Many times his horse stopped and without being told turned to go back down the hill. Mr. Mindish continued to fight with Ruby to stay the course and continue up the hill. Near the top of the hill Ruby started panting and Mr. Mindish yelled her name and cracked his whip and with her eyes wildly looking around she reared up and took off, breaking the harness holding her to the carriage. 


Mr. Mindish, confused by his horse acting so strangely, stashed his carriage in a natural valley made by a small stream bed and continued walking through the woods until he found a place with a small opening where he decided to build his new house. This bit of good fortune was a highlight, because as for Ruby…he would never see her again.


It was only after he was in the middle of construction that he started to notice strange things happening after the sun completely set. He wasn’t a superstitious man though and wasn’t afraid of a little bump in the night. He often would stop working because he thought he heard his horse trotting or panting like she was still out of breath from running. Other times he could swear he saw something moving in the woods…and all would go silent. No birds made a sound, no animals moved, it was like the entire acres held its breath. Time passed.. the house was completed, his wife moved in, and they had 3 children. He never told the family about his odd sightings. But unfortunately, they soon would find out for themselves, for the evil spirit that captured Ruby was now moving to any human who entered its area. The family had come to realize that when the sun went down it was imperative to close all of the fence gates and stay inside the house. Yet even inside, the family seemed to slowly feel the evil creeping into their souls and the children at times would sleep walk out of their beds and outside to the edge of the fence and stare off into the woods. One time as Mrs. Mindish ran out to bring them back in she saw the glowing eyes of the demon staring back at them. From then on legend has it that Mrs. Mindish and her children slow drifted away from Mr. Mindish and would sneak off into the woods and be found dancing in circles by fires or hanging on trees moaning like wild animals…and always the glowing eyes of the demon would be watching.


Mr. Mindish tried to save them, but he noticed over time his family was losing touch with reality and becoming more like the demon running around his woods. He too was noticing himself acting strangely. Today no one visits the house at the end of Mindish Road because once the sun sets…the demon and the transformed family roam the hillside looking for their next victims to continue their need to feed on the blood of evil.


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