Welcome to The Haunted Acres! 


We have another new surprise for you.  Perhaps a type of service...perhaps an offering of help.....perhaps a window into something deep within yourself. 


It's a chance to face and overcome that which is in the core of your most basic instincts.  Some may wonder what happens to the body as it slowly eases it's way into a restful state of relaxation... but what happens when a few thoughts cross, or the misfires of the synapse triggers the release of adrenaline and all of a sudden you find yourself frozen and alone.  Cold sweat, and heightened senses.  Twitching fingers and clenched toes....tick tock the clock seems stopped....but there you are.. .face to face with your worst fear in an epic stand down.  You want to wake up to escape, but escape only delays the inevitable because if you don't face it... if you give in....you wake up gasping and jumping ... knowing when you fall asleep again...the cycle repeats.  It's time my friend.  It's time to be placed into a semi-dream stasis...open your eyes and face...your




The Haunted Acres - Sidman, PA

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