We have had quite a year! 

Luckily for you we have set up a secure facility and rounded up all the Halloween horrors so that there was at least 1 thing you didn't have to worry about with everything else going on. 

However, many of you have insisted that you still wanted to visit and see these crazy characters. 

So we decided since they are all properly contained we might as well let you reserve a time online and visit 1 car load at a time.  That should allow you to keep your distance from danger and yells to yourselves! 

We do still have to routinely test our captives for temperatures and try to keep their masks on.  Ever try to get someone with knives for hands or who is wielding a machete to put their mask on and wear some gloves?  

It's a tough job but we are taking care of them and taking care of you.

Reserve your time if you really want to and we will show you what it's like at

The Haunted Acres

"Under Lockdown"



The Haunted Acres - Sidman, PA

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