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Video, Audio, Photo Conversions

At The Haunted Acres we have a lot of equipment that we use to produce pieces of our shows each year.  So we decided to also use that equipment to help the community save some of their most cherished memories by offering a conversion service for some of the older technologies that are still out there but are degrading over time, and becoming obsolete.  We originally did the service for ourselves, but now have many other happy customers who are glad they did the same thing.  Please don't put it off if you are thinking about doing it.  The process is quick and easy and is worth so much more just to know that your memories are safe and going to be able to be passed on to future generations. 

Use the above photo for referance on the types of media that we can convert.  


We are able to convert your media into either DVD or digital format.  Digital format is used if you wanted to store your videos on a USB stick or other storage device.  The price is only $5.00 per tape to be converted. 

We can convert all of the following styles of video:

  • VHS

  • VHS-C

  • Mini-DV

  • Video 8

  • Hi8

  • Digital 8

  • Beta/Betamax

  • Any type of Digital Media like a saved MPEG, AVI, or Flash video can also be converted to DVD. 


We also offer audio cassette conversion service and can convert your old audio cassettes to cd's or digital formats such as MP3, WAV or AAC. 


Finally we also offer a photo conversion service.  Take your old photos and get them digitally scanned into a format to use for safe storage or making a digital photo collage for a gift or keepsake.  It's only .85 cents per photo with a $10.00 minimum.  


Please contact us with any questions or if you'd like us to help you get started protecting your investment.  


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